Love for photography brought Jesse Schinkel and Mike McConnell together in the fall of 2012 for an epic first photoshoot. This event sparked a change that neither of them predicted, as they jumped head first into an exciting life of creating fine automotive visuals and unique custom car builds.

The Dub Dynasty was established in March 2013 to act as a central “hub” for everything that we were creating from our small garage headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Over the last few years we have gained recognition worldwide. Our work, both visual and mechanical, has been featured in several magazines, news articles, and published in books such as Gestalten’s “The Drive”.

We are not just Volkswagens! Our interests include all makes and models sitting on that extreme low, with a special interest in Volkswagens and Subarus.

We LOVE using our photographic skills to immortalize YOUR hard work and dedication so you can enjoy your creation for decades to come!



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